The Difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) And SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) are often confused by many people. SEO is in fact just a part of SEM.

SEO is the artform, act, process of improving a website’s visibility in the search engines natural, unpaid, organic, search results. It is one of the most cost effective functions that can be implemented to help increase the profitability of any website.

SEM is the artform, act, process of various Internet Marketing techniques that also help to increase the visibility of the website in the search engines both organically and in paid or sponsored listing. The different techniques or functions include SEO (as already mentioned), Pay Per Click / PPC, paid placement, paid inclusion and contexual advertising.

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DIY SEO or DIY SEM? Is Worth It?

How Do You Market Your Website?

When you are optimising your website, you can often spend a lot of time and expense doing so. A way to save you this time and money is to simply buy or download some software that are designed to perform tasks for you, like link-submissions to help promote your site.

Search Engine Ranking

Every Internet marketer knows that to increase the ranking of a website for their target keywords and phrases is achieved by a series of techniques.

These techniques will include optimising a website’s on site SEO by ensuring relevant keywords are present. Although this is what many of the SEO DIY’ers tend to do, this is often not the best strategy that a business owner should be adopting. Many business owners have realised that saving money but spending time trying to achieve results in an area they are unfamiliar with, is more costly. Many now understand that hiring the expertise of experienced internet marketing professional who understands search engine optimisation, ensures a great impact of traffic and profits when the right SEO company is brought in.

The common Internet Marketing DIY’er will try and save money by using software to generate results for their website but what happens is that this software doesn’t have any way of identifying key strategies that are appropriate for a particular business or website. Where some strategies will be highly effective for some businesses, they will not be so for others.

Our Internet Marketing professionals are trained to identify specific strategies that will be relevant to your business. If DIY SEO software is not for you, contact one of our team today.

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